Obamacare Repeal: Poll Shows Only a Quarter of Americans Support It

Americans’ attitudes toward Obamacare remain split after the election, according to a tracking poll released Thursday that finds some Republicans are increasingly leery about following through on the party’s plan for outright repeal of the 2010 law.

The Kaiser Family Foundation said 45 percent of Americans have a negative view of the Affordable Care Act and 43 percent hold a favorable one, and that only a quarter of them want President-elect Donald Trump and the next Congress to repeal the entire law.

Majorities from both parties say they favor some of the law’s key provisions — allowing young adults to stay on their parents’ insurance plans until age 26, axing out-of-pocket costs for preventive health services, offering financial assistance to low and moderate-income Americans without job-based insurance, allowing states to expand their Medicaid programs for the poor and barring insurers from turning away sick customers.

Yet only about a third — 35 percent — support the individual mandate requiring people to hold insurance or pay a tax.

Mr. Trump and Republicans who control the House and Senate are eyeing a repeal and replace strategy that would scrap government mandates and then rely on “market-oriented” reforms to retain some of the law’s popular provisions, such as making sure customers with preexisting conditions can get covered.

They plan to use a fast-track budget maneuver to gut the law as quickly as they can, though say it might take years to pass an alternative plan. They will likely need Democratic votes in the Senate to overcome a filibuster of any replacement, cuing up a contentious political battle.

The Kaiser poll noted an uptick in the share of Americans who think Congress should pare back the law and marked decrease in those who say lawmakers should scrap the whole thing.

The change is driven by Republicans, whose party will control all levers of government next year and would shoulder responsibility for major moves on health care.

More than half of Republicans say Obamacare should be repealed, down from 69 percent in Kaiser’s October tracking poll before the election, while 24 percent say they want to scale the law back, up from 11 percent in the prior month.

Among the quarter of Americans who seek repeal, roughly two thirds want Republicans to replace it with something else, with 42 percent wanting lawmakers to wait to repeal it until Congress hammers out a replacement, and 21 percent wanting lawmakers to repeal it immediately and devise a replacement later.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy this week signaled the GOP could take the latter route, though he said the GOP has a head start with its “Better Way” outline for a replacement and that Democrats will be forced to the negotiating table if they’re given a deadline to transition from Obamacare to a new system.

Americans are roughly split on whether repeal would make their health costs worse (30 percent) or better (27 percent), while four in 10 say costs would remain the same.

More than half of Trump supporters, however, think repeal would help them personally.

Source: Obamacare repeal: Only a quarter of Americans support it: Poll

  • Mort Leith

    WHY do you post such Bullshiit ? ? ?

    The ONLY people that like this Unaffordable Care Act are the moochers who get it for FREE because the rest of us are paying DOUBLE !

    • Alan

      Not entirely true, you’re forgetting the Lefty wealthy and socialist leaning fence sitters who suffer from ‘Affluent Guilt’.
      They want it to assuage their guilt, and screw the Conservative middle class.

      • raledbetter

        You mean the elitists who loath themselves with their guilt and hate everyone else like the ones that run the electronic and paper media in this country

    • Rick

      Mine went from 176 to 476, way more than double! And the coverages SUCK! And before, anyone could page thru the phone book, any day of the year, pick the coverages they wanted & could afford, including a deductible, just like any insurance! Now we must wait for the sign-up times! O-crap (AKA) o-care is a “health-care” SCAM. As if responsible adults need someone to hold our hands to care for ourselves! It’s the opposite of a free society! Freedom, although it allows one to eat themselves onto obesity, also allows one to care for their one & only body, keeping oneself as healthy as can be! The rest of society should NOT have to share the costs of those whom do NOT care about their bodies! I refuse to be part of that type of unjust unamerican & anti-American socialism! The Right MUST fight the LEFT to the DEATH! #downwithLibs #tohellwithLeftards

      • wandamurline

        It was never about health care in the first place…it was a fraud from the start, a lie that they made up…what the Democommunists wanted was for the insurance companies to pull out and then they could have their single payer system and that single payer would be the gubment…..Thank God we got Trump.

        • Rick

          Here Here! I concur!
          #Trumpians will “take care of them” starting Jan, 20!

          • rottenrollin

            Is it “Here Here” or Hear, Hear”? Seems either is apt……

            In any event pray Trump will become the hero we need.

            God Save Our Republic.

          • Rick

            It’s hear hear but I like to troll the spell check lefties! Also, I’m a scatter brain LOL
            BTW, God has already saved us “big league” by ensuring our Trump admin! #AltRightwinning!

          • rottenrollin

            Oh, Lord, PLEASE don’t think of ME as a Leftie……..

            I like to post “Hear, Hear” all the time and you had me wondering……..still do.

            Both mean to draw one’s attention to the previous post…….

            Here, Hear!

          • Rick

            No I certainly did not include you as a lefty. You’re obviously a “friend of ours” LOL, movie references
            But seriously, I was talking in generalities <~spelling?

          • Rick

            BTW I meant it as a movie reference, as in a group of 17th century beer drinking warriors, agreeing with the speaker in the room! While they hold their beers up, “Here Hear” they say, in agreement! I know, I’m weird & nerd sometimes

          • Rick

            And no, not the fake Hitler AltRight. The real AltRight, nationalists, open to all patriots, man woman, Christian Jew other, white black, native or immigrant, straight gay, we’re all inclusive, the main absolute is Americanism Credo! Pro American Pro gun Pro constitutional originalist Pro life Pro FAIR FREE TRADE & more!
            #AltRight is the new right Alternative to the globalist free market rigid holier than thou republican!

          • Drifter12

            “Hear! Hear!”

          • rottenrollin

            Here Hear, wish I were in Delicate Arch territory, I’d be checking out Lion’s Back (from the base), poison spider, and ALL the trail riding in that fantastic canyonland fantasy…….

            I need some Moab.

            Stuck in SC

        • nosocialism4me

          You nailed it. They knew that single payor would never pass, so they passed a piece of trash to get their tax hike, and when it fails, single payor will be used as a solution and they’ll have a much easier time getting it done.

          • Rick

            That “was” the plan, now foiled by our #HardRight #TrumpRevolution #ConservativeMovement

        • Eleanor Scott

          It is just an Obama slush fund never intended to pay for healthcare. Obama and the DemocRATS could not stand to see insurance companies get all those premiums. They want it in the governments pocket.

        • raledbetter

          Bulls eye!!

    • CSN

      I don’t believe these figures…lamestream media spin. Obamacare is a disaster and anyone who pays Premiums knows it.

  • Candy Clanton

    My daughter in Florida doesn’t have any insurance because she & her husband can’t afford the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT!!! He can get it at work but if he includes my daughter, then his paycheck is cut in half & they can’t pay their rent!! Something is very wrong! Get rid of it!

    • Rick


    • Marine68

      And even if they can afford it, they would need to travel for hours to see a doctor. Not too many around in Florida.

  • Must have only asked people in LA, Chicago, and NY, because I don’t know anyone in my America that likes that load of crap for a program.

    • Rick

      Exactly! Or its the same pollsters that said Hillary was winning by a landslide! Trump instead, won 3/4 the of states, flipped more House & Senate seats, and turned most Americans RED! Hooray for Conservatism! I’ve got no sympathy for the lefturds!

      • rottenrollin

        No SYMPATHY???

        I have NOTHING but CONTEMPT for the Left………..

        How do I bridge my contempt, for bridging is something we need to be doing as a national revival right now………the divide in this country MUST be reversed….and we must each cut the other some slack, long enough for us to see that for the most part we do share equal goals, if we can get the elites on both sides out of the way.

        • Rick

          Me too! Truth is, the left & right DO NOT share equal goals! Leftists liberals, will apologize to an Islamic “refugee” terrorist after inviting them into their home, & the muslim rapes, murders, & beheads their 6 year old daughters! They’ll apologize! Beg forgiveness for failing to grasp their internal “suffering”! NO….Libs must want to suffer! Leftists are pretty much asking for misery & death! They’re unlike us in every which way, tortured souls! Better off dead, if you ask me! Americanism is our Credo! #AltRight

          • Rick

            But I mean that in a good way 😉

    • Blogengeezer

      LA, Chicago and New York would also elect Every president… forever…, If there were no Electoral College. The voting process would then be a long forgone nonissue for the rest of the USA.

      That is the reason that ‘They’, the Leftists of ‘Progressive’ totalitarian Control, desire, hyperventilate and sue to abolish the amazing plan set in place by very intelligent founders.

      • Pat Enery

        We don’t elect anybody. We elect who they give us as choices. Their choices. They win. Remember Ron Paul?

        • Blogengeezer

          ‘They’….. fought ‘tooth and nail’ …spending tax Payers money like it wasn’t theirs…..all to prevent Trump from even getting on the ticket. The endless calls for “Recount” to reverse the vote, again …at any costs. The violent, destructive Leftists street demonstrations bought and paid for by international interests… to reverse the vote.

          Cannot recall a similar election in US history where the people, armed with pitchforks and torches, forced the elitists, career political insiders and the perpetually dependency addicted, to accept the grass roots choice… the tax Paying people’s choice.

          Even the pols, the twisted sycophant Leftists ‘News’ journalists, the Talking Heads, the vast numbers of national socialist university ‘professors’ that believe solidly and preach from their bully podiums ….hard core Globalism ….at any costs, to the proletariat, .. They were wrong… Dead wrong.

          Even Castro, after 57 years of insisting on his, and our present sitting potus version, of ‘Hope and Change’ for the USA, died from the shock :>)

  • Dave Campbell

    As Mark Twain (I believe) said:

    “There are three kinds of lies. Lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

    • CSN

      Mark Twain was a brilliant man.

  • Cora Bird

    You didn’t ask people whose rates doubled and tripled under Obamacare! In California the cost of individual coverage is way too high now so that the extra money extorted from policy holders can be spent on the 1 in 3 people here on Medi-Cal or Medicaid. We care barely afford our policy let alone afford to see a doctor!

    • Blogengeezer

      Are your Doctors English speaking and lifetime Citizens? Many are now imported from the Middle East, India, Pakistan, to fill the ranks, as the last of the US Citizen Doctors are abandoning the sham while they still have something to salvage.

      Before Obama’s time on his throne, Canadian Doctors fled south to actually earn a living and establish a practice.

      Highly qualified Canadian Practitioners pre 2008, did their US ‘Residency’ on the Indian Reservations, paid by US tax Payers for a set term, upon release of terms, became established Doctors.

      Have not been in contact with any Canadian Doctors since Obamacare forced redistribution of wealth.. to Canadian standards. Note Canadian dollar is .70. Buying power is in same value, approximately 1/3rd less value.

      Relatively expensive Fuel in Canada is also sold in Liters. Another scam of Govt forced wealth redistribution.

      Shades of Venezuela? Hopefully by electing international business expertise savvy Donald Trump, we can forestall the agenda driven destruction that is now crumbling Venezuela. That bastion of Global ‘Progressive’ Liberalism, that so enthralled Obama.

  • dosadoe

    Kaiser Family Foundation took the poll? Hmmm! OK, any UFO sightings today?

  • Rick

    Same pollsters that said Trump had 92% chance of LOSING!? I’m not buying it! NOBODY likes Obamacrap except for the illegal alien getting MY tax dollars as help for their $100/mo coverage that costs me $476/mo that used to cost us both $176/mo!!

    • Pat Enery

      Hopefully, they will be leaving soon.

  • Rich

    Take your heads out of your asses. Even this Right-Leaning website knows the truth.

  • kuhnkat

    You don’t think the Kaiser Foundation might not be just a wee biased and design the poll to get those results??

  • bibleanda44

    They asked people during the day when the people who actually pay premiums are at work. Only the non workers who get the UACA for free answered the questions.

    • Blogengeezer

      They of course would have interviewed all such as the ‘Demonstrators’. Those select numbers of tax Payer subsidized cradle to grave lifestyle, that have copious amounts of spare time and are Paid to protest the infrastructure providing energy to the rest of the hard Working Citizens of the United States of America.

  • Blogengeezer

    Well now, the truth is out. 25% of the citizens of the USA are paying for the other 75%ers health care. Could not have been described more clearly by anyone other than another Hyper-Beta imagining liberal.

    Of course the 25% are also Paying for the ‘special’ health care that is rewarded to career tenured politicians.

    That Special plan that exempts them from the very expensive plan the rest of us responsible Citizens pay for.

    You know, that other ‘special’ plan in the big congressional bill that had to be “Passed and forced onto the rest of us, “To see what was in it”. Nancy Pelosi’s finest statement..

    • Rick

      Good point! Nobody in their right mind, willingly pays 4-5 times MORE than usual, in order to “help” society health concerns! Hell no! NOT buying it!

  • PressedEarth

    I hope that this administration and the majority Republican House and Senate don’t waste the opportunity they have to get rid of this disaster of a law. The ACA. Born in lies and deception and ruining more people than it helps. Surely there is a better way. The only 2 parts that seem to be popular and worth keeping are the preexisting conditions and 26 YO kids staying on parents policies. Scrap the whole thing. These facets can be added on the new deal. The way I see it this Administration and Legislators have two years to wow the American people. Non-performance could mean a no confidence vote.

  • Ben

    What an incredibly stupid article. Everyone I know wants it gone for good. My insurance premiums have quadrupled. Up 21% from last year alone. When you health care is just shy of a mortgage, something is wrong.

    • rottenrollin

      Ain’t it the damned truth?

  • Marine68

    I did not get polled, maybe I live in the wrong neighborhood, and need to move into a homeless shelter or a tent.

  • James Semsch

    Let me guess…. could this “poll” have been generated by the same people that guaranteed a Clinton victory?!?!? Pure rubbish!

  • Garry A DeManty

    Obama care needs to be repealed but a new plan that would be benefit to all has to be made and passed by all sides so if it has a problem no one can pass blame but both sides need to have responsibility to see that it works.

  • Lizard

    Another BS lie by stupid trouble making Media

  • Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    They post it to lie and try and intimidate–they are for the ins.companies–no one who is sane is for it

  • wandamurline

    Bull sh!t….they must have called all the people with pre-existing conditions and Medicaid insured and of course, the Demorats.

  • borderlinedevill

    probably the same polls that said killary was gonna be the next president

  • Mike Gaia

    The americans infavor of the Obama Affordable Care Act are the freeloaders whom never paid their medical bills before receiving the Obama insurance because we tax payers paid their expenses. As stated by Mort rightfully called the moochers and get free treatment because they are too lazy to get a job and buy their own insurance coverage.

  • Luis Luna

    This is BS they must be polling the projects

  • Spunky

    I bet these are the same polls that were used in this past election –

  • b glad

    It is not a surprising poll, it is a phony poll.

  • Jerry

    Who accomplished theses poles?
    How many sources where used?
    And if they don’t show at least 3 different sources or target audience then it not a legitimate pole.
    And has to be verified by 3 different sources.

  • Peter McKay

    Twenty five percent that’s all . I thought there were more people paying for Obama care than that. I guess it really is time to end this White Elephant for the illegals.I know I,am pretty tired.

  • Dane

    Haven’t we learned yet that polls suck and do not tell the real story. When they call my area and ask and then say we still want it, you can bet it’s a lie.

  • Brent

    Didn’t the election teach us everything we need to know about polls?!?!?

  • nosocialism4me

    Not another poll. I think we learned enough about polls a month ago

  • AmericanPatriot

    Don’t know how true this might be but one thing is for sure: There are a lot of ignorant and irresponsible fools in this country!

    • rottenrollin


      The Cream of the Crop of Irresponsibles wind up in the District of Columbia, eh?

  • Ginger

    Obamacare should be repealed as soon as Trump gets sworn in. As far as a replacement plan, I think the reason why people are hesitant is because of the mention of “block grants” and “vouchers” instead of some actual health insurance plan. My recommendation is that Medicaid and CHIP come to an end, and the money from both of those plans go into Medicare, and Medicare become our only public plan. All of the younger, healthier people currently receiving Medicaid be switched to Medicare, and that will balance out the older, sicker people already on Medicare. We already pay into Medicare through our payroll taxes, and everyone is eligible for Medicare, which makes it better than Medicaid. Medicare is also our only national plan that can be used an any state in the nation. I think all private plans should be able to be sold in every state, and allow people to choose between Medicare or other private options. Private insurance companies are already use to dealing with Medicare, and they advertise all of the time to provide Medicare supplements or manage the Medicare plans. Also, most doctors and hospitals are already providers for Medicare. The Medicaid providers could be added to Medicare. This would reduce costs and streamline the process. Currently, Medicaid is managed differently in all 50 states, and managed care companies take up 31% of the money just to pay for their administrative fees. Time to bring Medicaid to an end.

  • parthenon1

    I want Obama care dumped in the trash can but first go through it to mine good ideas rather than full parts of the plan. then go back and write a more cost effective sensible plan that takes tort reform, allowing bidding from any source that gets safe good drugs to supply them, allowing all insurance companies anywhere to sell in any state. Anything that takes graft out of a plan and puts the decision making in the doctors hands not a beaurecat.

  • Eleanor Scott

    I quit doing poles Trump WON in case you did not notice only lame liberals are still answering dumb poles.

  • chris VN

    Is this another post about ” Fake ” news??????

  • rottenrollin

    PROOF that POLLS are WORTHLESS……..eh?

  • gairman

    This has to be B.S. when premiums & deductables are much higher for most people. Pretty sad when the tax ( fine ) is a better option than the insurance for a lot of people. So many polls that we see now are losing more credibility every day.

  • Lucinda Schaefer

    These polls are slanted just like the presidential ones were. People want to keep a few slivers of it such as being able to keep our children on our policies longer but the main parts need to go.

  • Ron Gonshorowski

    Only the people who need to use Medicaid in the first place think the ACA is good. People that pay for medical insurance know it is crap.

  • Patti

    Another “liberal” poll????? We know they’re wrong.

  • Taking care of business!

    You’re desperately in need of a factual pollster.

  • Pat Enery

    Fake news.

  • Drifter12

    Posting phony polls like this calls all of the ‘information’ here into question…

  • raledbetter

    Trump will not completely repeal it.
    He will leave in any rewrite coverage for pre-existing conditions and children will be covered until age 26 under parents policies and possibly a few more conditions.

  • DeBee Corley

    Who would believe a poll?
    I’m still waiting for a Madonna hummer. I promised I voted.

  • Shelly Shannon

    This is crap. The people who like the Affordable Care Act are the people who don’t have it which is actually the 25 percent who don’t want it appealed and replaced.

  • bill14729 .

    Obamacare is nothing but a Ponzi Scheme

  • bill14729 .

    Another Liberal City Poll