BIDEN: Texas Church Shooting Hero Shouldn’t Have Had AR-15

(Daily Caller News Foundation) Former Vice President Joe Biden believes the man who intercepted the Texas church shooter should never have been allowed to possess the gun he used to possibly prevent further loss of life.

During a Monday appearance on NBC’s “Today,” Biden responded to a question about hero Stephen Willeford’s use of an AR-15-style rifle to engage the shooter outside the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

“Well, first of all, the kind of gun being carried he shouldn’t be carrying,” he said, referring to the semi-automatic rifle as an “assault weapon.”

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Biden’s questioner had asked him how he could justify the Democratic position on gun control, which advocates tighter restrictions on the ownership of AR-15 pattern rifles, knowing that the church shooter was stopped by a man who was legally licensed to carry a gun.

After saying the Texas good Samaritan shouldn’t have been allowed to own an AR-15, Biden launched into a brief history of his involvement in the 1994 assault weapons ban.

“I wrote the last serious gun control law that was written, it was law for 10 years,” Biden said of the ban, which outlawed the sale of some newly manufactured semi-auto rifles and high-capacity magazines. “And it outlawed assault weapons and it outlawed weapons with magazines that had a whole lot of bullets, as you can kill a whole lot of people more quickly.”

During his time as vice president, Biden was the Obama administration’s leading gun control advocate and repeatedly called on Congress to renew the assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004.

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In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, Biden led a gun violence working group that recommended a new ban, as well as broad changes to background and mental health checks for gun purchases.

Though Biden was asked specifically about his position on ownership of AR-15-style rifles by law-abiding citizens, his response focused on mentally disturbed people who manage to acquire the weapons.

“Now the fact that some people with guns are legally able to acquire a gun and they turn out to be crazy after the fact, that’s life. There’s nothing you can do about that,” he said. “But we can save a lot of lives, and we’ve stopped ten of thousands of people from getting guns who shouldn’t have guns.”

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  • jcrawdad

    BIDEN: Texas Church Shooting Hero Shouldn’t Have Had AR-15


    • Tom Ford

      Maybe if he could keep his paws off the young girls, he’d have a better chance? Um, maybe not.

      • T_W_S

        He’s ripe for sexual abuse accusations.

      • bcmarshall

        Does that mean you’re not gonna vote for or support Roy Moore?

      • James Farnsworth

        It’s not only young girls Tom , he doesn’t care what their age is he can’t keep his hands to himself! Ole stupid thinks the public is behind him , go ahead and run you still don’t make any sense Joe the hand pro!

      • SkyGunner

        He and Billie Bob Clinton joined obamatollah in ordering from the magic Chicago pizza parlor. Afterwards they would visit the magic, personally owned island. Satan’s disciples!

    • slk5

      he’s just lookin’ for some good bye attention!!!

    • Richard Young

      That’s ok because I will go after him with my B.B. guns. That’ll stop him. 😆😂🤣😅

      • James Farnsworth

        How about you chance him down with a slingshot, Richard! Hahahaha

    • Al

      LOL. Good Ole Shotgun Joe. Never take gun safety lessons from Joe. He has said that a knock on your door you can just shoot through the door. So now he says he’s against a good guy with a gun. Yeah Joe. You’ll get my vote. LOL He’s an idiot.

      • bcmarshall

        Let’s think this out logically, if that’s possible for you.

        Let’s assume that NOBODYcoul

        • Bernie

          So let me get this straight.
          When a guy mows down a dozen people with a truck, it’s the guy driving the truck that gets the blame and not the truck.
          But when a guy mows down a dozen people with a gun, it’s the gun’s fault and not the guy’s.
          Got it….

          • Naval Lint

            Well, you know….GUNS are evil but Democrats LOVE and are TOLERANT of everybody….except conservatives, of course. We’re supposed to be pop-up targets for Libbie lunatics.

          • SkyGunner

            My ole buddy Naval Lint. Hey friend, you doing ok? Heard from our bud Pete the Pilot lately?

          • Naval Lint

            Nope, not a pep! I hope he’s OK.

          • SkyGunner

            He’s another one that can seperate the BS from the talk of the town. Occasionally I get my fill of trying to fill in blanks and have to take a sabbatical. Hopefully, that’s what he’s doing. Anyway, it’s good to see your still here and tilting at windmills, along with me. Keep up the good work friend and may none of your nice, quiet walk in the woods turn into an adventure.
            Your Army friend in war and/or peace

          • Petethepilot

            Thank you, Surgery on my back had me down for a while. Keep telling the VA it was caused by flying. Might as well talk to the wall.

          • SkyGunner

            Hey buddy! We’ve got a fellow at arms with us, Naval Lint. Coming at ‘em from land, sea and air now, Combined Arms!

          • Petethepilot

            Sound like we are good to go, every angle covered.

          • Naval Lint

            Thank you. I have your six as well.

          • Petethepilot

            Had some back surgery, thank you for the kind thought.

          • Naval Lint

            Glad to hear you’re still with us, Pete! I admit to being somewhat concerned. Hope you’re on the mend, friend!

          • Petethepilot

            I’m back!

          • Naval Lint

            Pete has returned, and seems to be recovering from surgery. Good to know we didn’t lose him.

          • Bruce Jenkins

            They also seem to have problem with unborn children. Find the campaign contribution.

          • Al

            LOL Yup.. He convinced me too Bernie. Convinced me that he’s an idiot like Joe Biden.

          • bcmarshall

            Trucks are designed for transportation. Guns are designed to kill. There is a difference.

          • Bernie

            You don’t get it, do you putz?
            According to the guy who drove the truck, it was designed to kill.
            Anyway, I own a gun and a bunch of kitchen knives. Never once have they hurt anyone.
            Do you think I should take them in and make sure they’re working properly?
            Your turn…..

          • bcmarshall

            I own a gun and a bunch of kitchen knives too. So what? Tell me who needs that kind of firepower.

          • Bernie

            Are you telling me if you owned a weapon that fired 450 rounds a minute, that YOU would go and kill people?

          • bcmarshall

            You make an excellent point. Whether I owned an assault rifle, a sharp screwdriver, or a ball peen hammer, I would not be killing people. I have little doubt that we agree that the mind of the person wielding the weapon is the most dangerous factor.

            The best example of that is those who take a truck and turn it into a murder weapon. The only difference between him and the UPS driver is mindset and intent.

            Having said that I have a question for you. If I were a sick deranged killer would you rather I had a weapon that can fire 450 or more rounds a minute or one that fired 25?

          • Bernie

            To paraphrase Hillary, “At that point, what difference does it make”?
            The last time I checked, murder is illegal…. No matter how many you kill.
            The last time I checked, driving drunk is illegal, but people still drive drunk and kill….no, murder people.
            Your turn….

          • bcmarshall

            Absurd. Of COURSE murder is illegal. Nobody is gonna disagree with that. And yes, people have always, and will always continue to kill others. There is no argument there either.

            The question is whether people should have weapons with this incredible firepower. Let me ask the question a different way.

            Have you ever heard of someone committing a mass murder with a bolt action rifle? What would the death toll have been if Charles Whitman at the University of Texas in 1966 had the firepower of an AR-15 or an AK-47?

            No, I don’t know either, but will you disagree when I say it surely would have been greater?

            You deflect the obvious observation that the ability to fire hundreds of rounds a minute is far more deadly than tens, no matter how deranged the gunman might be

            All else being equal, the same crazy person in the same location but with a less capable weapon is always going to equate to fewer deaths.

            Are you going to disagree with that?

          • Bernie

            In other words, you still blame the instrument.
            Except when driving a car or truck.
            OK…You win.

          • bcmarshall

            I blame the man in all cases. You are dodging the obvious and indisputable fact that a more capable instrument means more deaths.

            Supposing the monsters who bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham in 1963 that killed 4 little girls had something more powerful than dynamite. If they had the equivalent of 500 pounds of TNT would the death toll have been higher? What if the had a small tactical nuke?

            You’re playing games. In no post have I ever blamed the weapon. It’s the intent and mind of the person wielding it that is ALWAYS to blame.

            But you refuse to acknowledge that greater weapon efficiency equals greater death. That is dishonest.

          • Bernie

            Of course greater weapon efficiency equals greater death. Never denied that. Leftists always fabricate and twist rhetoric.
            Thank goodness Truman dropped the A bomb in 1945. Wish we had it in 1941. More lives would have been saved.
            Your turn….

          • bcmarshall

            You may never have denied it but you haven’t acknowledged it until now, either.

            I am neither fabricating nor twisting rhetoric. I’m stating the obvious, so obvious in fact that even you agree with them. By the way, I do appreciate that agreement.

            Now the question turns to who needs these highly refined killing machines. The soldiers for whom they were originally designed of course want (and need) the ability to mow down as many of the other side in the shortest possible time. But at what point does firepower exceed the reasonable needs of the average person?

            Suppose I wanted a 105mm howitzer with 500 rounds of ammunition just for “fun” I agree it would probably be a hoot to blast holes in the hills. Would you be OK with that? Where do you draw the line? Is it the ability to kill 50 people? 100 people? 500 people? 1000 people? How about a whole city? When is enough enough? Are there any limits on what people should have?

          • Bernie

            You just destroyed your whole argument.
            Of course I wouldn’t mind YOU having a howitzer.
            I know YOU wouldn’t hurt anyone.
            However, I wouldn’t want a nut case handling bee bee gun or even a butter knife!
            And, I wouldn’t trust myself behind an 18 wheeler or a 747.

          • bcmarshall

            It’s interesting that we can find points of agreement. I wouldn’t trust myself behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler or a 747 either. I also agree that I don’t want a nut case handling a BB gun or a butter knife. We’re on the same page, but we are also on different paragraphs.

            And you’re right. If I owned a Howitzer there would be never be anything falling on cities or human beings. As we previously agreed, it’s because I have no intent to harm anyone. It’s possible I suppose, that I could be blasting a hill and there was someone there that I couldn’t see, but you can be sure there would never be a malicious, willful attempt on my part to kill someone else.

            Where we disagree is that I don’t think ANY private citizen should own a Howitzer. How do you make that determination as to who is or is not a threat (or might become one in the future)?

            Isn’t the mere fact that a single shell dropped into a crowded area could conceivably kill a hundred or more enough reason for you to say, “no, you don’t need this, and nobody else does, either”?

          • Bernie

            OK, you win. I don’t need a Howitzer. .

          • bcmarshall

            Cool! Another point of agreement. I don’t need a Howitzer either. Now the question is not whether we but whether people should be allowed to own them.

            I say they should not. What about you?

          • Bernie

            Oh heck. Why not?
            If they can afford them….sure!

          • bcmarshall

            That’s absurd, and frankly I don’t think you really believe people should own them. It’s just easier to agree than to acknowledge that there has to be limits.

            What if I wanted to own my own nuke. Is that OK too, or is there some point society steps up and says “That’s crazy! No, you can’t own a nuke!”

          • Bernie

            I think anyone that wants to own a nuke and destroy liberals and illegals is OK with me!
            And, kept them out of the hands of all leftists!

          • bcmarshall

            What if he wants to destroy crazy alt-right conservatives?

            Your comment is ludicrous and beneath you. No matter how much you may hate those who disagree with you, nukes are not discriminating weapons. They take out everybody.

            Now that you’re done making absurd statements, my comment still stands. Is there a point where a rational society stands up and says “No! You cannot have that kind of weaponry!”?

          • Bernie

            First, define alt right….

          • Bernie

            Also, define “rational society”.

          • bcmarshall

            Oh, one other thing. I didn’t say he shouldn’t have a weapon. I’m referring to assault weapons that fire hundreds of rounds in a minute.

            You can slice it and dice it any way you want to, but you cannot escape the fact that the type of weapon he was using allowed him to fire over 450 rounds of ammunition in a very short period of time.

          • Bernie

            So what.
            It didn’t shoot the 450 rounds by itself.

          • bcmarshall

            Exactly correct. A deranged man fired 450 rounds, but he couldn’t have done that if the weapon did not have that capability. He might’ve shot three or four. He might have stabbed three or four with a knife. But there’s no way he could’ve unleashed 450 rounds of ammunition in such a short space of time if it had not been for the type of weapon he was using.

          • Bernie

            1. If the truck didn’t have a gas peddle or was able to go 70 mph, he couldn’t have killed anyone.
            2. If your aunt had balls, she’d be your uncle.

          • SkyGunner

            bc. You show your ignorance. A man with a pistol that holds 12rds can cause more havoc and pandemonium than your lil civilian mind can comprehend. A man with a sword and/or knife will spread terror quicker than you know. It’s the act of killing, wantonly and for no apparent reason that allows it to happen. Now think. If nearly every person in that crowd had been legally carrying a firearm, that cretin may have got off one magazine before being shot down. The demnazis want us to be at the mercy of anyone wielding a weapon, especially their goons. Switzerland has automatic ‘assault’ weapons in nearly every household. They are trained in its use and the government makes it mandatory for the ‘assault’ weapon to be kept in functioning condition at their house. Demnazis don’t want that known, nor the murder rate there. Look it up. I don’t remember who said it , but this statement makes sense.
            An Armed Society is a Polite Society
            Just saying…………..

          • bcmarshall

            Really? If you are correct, then where are the mass killings in Australia?

        • Al

          Who said that I’m a hunter? The 2nd amendment says nothing about hunting. You aren’t going to gather up all the AR15s that there are. I’m not giving up mine. They won’t be banned.

        • Al

          It’s not a clip wise one. A clip is what YOU use for your ponytail. It’s a magazine .

        • SkyGunner

          You’re right bc. Why use a scattergun that blows a wide mist of lethal lead far enough to kill someone if they’re in that arc. Hunter man, take a .22 short, like we hunted with and when close enough, give him a lobotomy, or are you not hunter enough to get that close? That’s the same crap you’re spouting about assault rifles. Hunting rifles have been bolt action, clip fed, or mag fed from the first. It’s strange they weren’t called assault rifles back then, even though some had 10RD MAGS! You’re running your mouth and nothing but garbage is coming out. Technically, any high powered scoped, hunting rifle could be a sniper gun. You can put any name you want on any weapon you’re looking at and the uninitiated( the ones you goons aim at) won’t know the difference.

        • SkyGunner

          And really bc. I’m tired of being humored by someone who isn’t intelligent enough to humor a sloth!

        • Petethepilot

          I think you listened to professor Obama too long, how is gun control working in his home town on a nightly basis. They may sadly lose over a 1000 this year in the metro area and that’s the ones they know about. And you call out my home state, please remember that our semi rule means one pull one bullet per pull. So I go out during deer season and miss but quickly can get a second off you would want to control it. Yes the church was horrible event. But if it were not for the man that lived across the street was able to get two shots off with both hitting him them with help of the Texan in the pickup chased him down to the point he flipped his truck and shot himself before during or after we will not know until our fine Texas Ranger get done with the investigation. Thank god I live in Texas even in Houston our lawless numbers are down. Please stay north of the Red River.

          • bcmarshall

            You want to give credit to the guy who fired on the gunman, and he deserves credit, but you miss the point entirely.

            It’s not about the guy who shot at the shooter. It’s about the shooter himself. He was armed with a devastating weapon and he fired off 450 rounds inside a minute or so. You seriously think that he needed that kind of weaponry available to him in the first place? I simply don’t.

            You know as well as I do that these weapons were designed to give soldiers an edge in combat. The Henry rifle during the Civil War was known to Confederate soldiers as “That damned Yankee gun. They would load it on Sunday and shoot at us all week.” There is no doubt that a combination of high rate of fire and large magazines do what soldiers need to do much better. They can kill much more efficiently.

            You talk about deer hunting but I don’t believe you’re that bad of a shot that you need 30 rounds to take one out. If you do, you need another sport.

            These weapons and their high-capacity magazines have no place in the streets. If the bad guy hadn’t had one the good guy wouldn’t have needed one.

          • Petethepilot

            Let’s see if I understand this you would are saying, you would take guns from law abiding citizens because of what one crazy lone shooter and his actions. The real truth you don’t address is that he had 2 hand guns in his truck which he bought. Which there is law in place but the AF for whatever reason didn’t get the DDform214 information to the FBI. Then he would have failed the background check for the handguns. Typical liberal reaction, one thing happens control everyone. I don’t have to go over how all that worked out in Chicago. As I stated before in a nice manner, if you don’t like our long barrel Texas law you don’t have to live or visit here. Just don’t impose on us a knee jerk reaction to something that does not need fixing. I and my family feel a lot safer here than we would than in Chicago and they have extensive gun control laws. As we say here “don’t mess with Texas”. I guess we will have to agree to disagree and let it be enough.

        • SkyGunner

          bc. You need a class in terminology! What if every State and the feds obeyed our 2nd Amendment rights? Then probably 3/4ths of the attendees would have been armed. Those closest to the shooter would have ended the shooting before half a magazine was shot! Of course, the shooter would look like chopped beefsteak, but who cares? Blame your demnazis for the dearth of armed citizens, because it’s harder to subdue a country where it’s citizens are armed and our armed forces swear loyalty to the country and citizens, not a cretin with a messianic complex!

      • SkyGunner

        Al. Believe it or not. Alabama has a law that says if a female is at home alone, or with children, and someone beating in the door and telling them they better let them in, or else. If the lady is truly in fear for her and/or her children’s life, that if this guy breaks in he will do what he saying, she can fire through the door. Now, let me say this. This was true in 2003, when I retired. I haven’t heard of a change, but I stopped receiving memos some time back.

        • Petethepilot

          In Texas our law are just as flexible. Doesn’t Take much to convince the Sheriffs that you were in fear for your life. Drives the liberal’s in Austin crazy, which isn’t hard to do.

        • Al

          I’ll buy that one friend. She know what the danger is…. shoot through the door. She’s sure of her target.

  • Naval Lint

    Apparently Ol’ Uncle Joe really wanted a higher body count. Is that his idea of “post-natal” abortion or just his way of saying conservatives are supposed to be targets?

    • Tim Ward

      His plan is that of Obozo’s and that was to turn this Country into the MiddleEast; look at the nfl

  • 27633171

    This is the same guy who recommended that people simply fire a shotgun out of a two story window to scare away any would be burglars. That would be like hiring him to keep the Gropers away from your underage daughter.

  • Db

    Well if someone had an ar-15 and saved bidens butt he wouldn’t say that, but until then joe,… STFU!

  • kep

    This is the same idiot liberal communist that said to shoot through the door, or fire your shotgun ouff the window if you felt threatened.

  • publiusnj

    Joe, you dope. Of course, the shooter wasn’t supposed to have a gun, BUT HE DID!

    Why? Because the Government, which you say we should rely on instead of on our Second Amendment right to carry a gun, screwed up and cost a whole lot of people their lives. There was no need for a new law, just proper enforcement of existing laws. Why should anyone trust the Government to protect them when it did not protect those people even in Church?

    What finally ended the slaughter? The intervention of an armed citizen who forced Kelley to cut his shooting and try to escape.

  • Hunter Kemmet

    Biden believes criminals should always have more fire power than law enforcement or private citizens. Law enforcement or private citizens should not shoot unless shoot at by a proven criminal. Only if the shooter has wounded a police officer should the shooter be shoot.
    After Obama/Biden always took sided against law enforcement, it became harder to recruit intelligent persons to apply to be police officers, If Biden was President with his anti-law enforcement commitment you might suspect recruiting new officers would be even more difficult.

    Phoenix chief has a solution, drop criminal histories and recruit from individuals from the high crime neighborhoods. Let see how that works and replicate in my home town, Chicago.
    Look at site, “Hey Jackass” to see results when criminals have plenty of fire power.

    • blogengeezer

      Alb NM just elected a new mayor. Bloomberg funded his run on the anti-crime ticket and the Liberal Leftist Democrat’s Alb Journal, ran Keller’s name and picture daily …..always on the front page.

      Apparently Bloomberg’s immense money says that Guns are the problem. Kick in doors, confiscate all guns and all crime will immediately cease?

      Tim Keller, the newly elected Alb NM mayor, spending Bloomberg’s anti-gun money, says that he will drastically increase police on the streets.

      No matter the ‘catch and release’ laws and defense lawyers spending taxPayers money, to put the professional violent career repeat offenders back on the streets at record pace.

      Obama’s Federal DOJ has for the last several years undermined all efforts to keep viable APD officers, after it’s endless human rights ‘investigations’ have destroyed moral.

      Alb, a ‘sanctuary’ city in NM, which is now, as a border state main drug corridor to Mexico, the nation’s most dangerous per capita.

      The only way to put more officers on streets, is for the APD police academy to graduate the undesirable washouts, as fast as they apply for their certification of absolute Power over the people, to carry guns, and force the citizens into compliance … with Bloomberg’s laws.

      With Bloomberg’s money backing, Biden would be a great president. As great as self aggrandizing dictators the world over.

  • Shelba J. Holmes

    Anyone who has known or watched Joe Biden for all the years he has been in Washington knows that he is not the brightest lightbulb in the hallway by a long shot.He wasn’t 30 years ago and I haven’t seen anything but worse since then and he is 75 now. Surely everybody knows that he is totally left wing. That ought to be enough to kill any run he thinks he is going to make.

    • Joe Phillips

      The only run he should have is to the bathroom and get that crap out of his demented mind

      • Shelba J. Holmes


    • independent thinker

      The further left he goes the more likely the democraps will run him as their candidate.

      • Shelba J. Holmes

        I sorta hope he does run.

        • Al

          LOL,.. Me too. LOL

  • Criers

    Have you ever shot an AR-15 it is fun. And many people can switch magazines quickly so “magazines with a whole lot of bullets” is a convience not a necessity. And if your administration was more stringent about the upkeep of the database used for background checks the church shooting would not have happened. So you hold partial responsibility for their deaths.

  • Dan W

    And Papa Joe should keep his slimy hands off of women and8 little girls.

  • geweldigaum

    There is some serious creepiness in that old man’s eyes.

  • Just1Saddletramp

    If assault weapons were actually banned Biden would need to have his hands amputated.

  • Hildee

    biden is a groper ..always groping young girls and whispering in their ears..

  • Stan

    Biden has 24/7 security with guns much more powerful and are not all semi-automatic.

    • Shelba J. Holmes

      Everybody knows that his lfe is so muc more importqant than your life, or mine.

      • Stan

        Must be, cause he will continue to receive special treatment.

        Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

  • ted towny

    That is about the stupidest statement that I have ever heard from the King of Woman Gropers, and there is proof, lots of it with his groping of women! How fkn dumb can this guy really be! I surely do hope he runs1

  • John

    Don’t think a BB GUN would have done it.
    He could have waited for his armed body guards to attack the sniper.

  • keepthe2nd

    A very sick man.

  • Jesse Hayes

    Maybe he should have his bodyguards use whistles and harsh words to protect him.

  • Kenneth Wetzel

    May be Blidden wanted him to throw his shoes, or wait and try and shoot him with a shotgun through a door. What an idiot.

  • TexRancher

    Too bad we can’t call Biden when a crazy gets loose! Like to see him in action against a nut case with a gun. What would he use?

    Hey Joe, have you ever had to face down a crazy with a gun? I have and ddin’t have a gun at the time. Only lived 5 minutes from the “Cop shop” so they were there promptly in 45 Minutes! Try that before you preach to us you DipStick!

    • G. W.


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      TexRancher, they didn’t have to come at all per the SCOTUS.

  • John Centonze

    Joe, Joe, Joe; fortunately if the mentally unfit are forbidden from possessing a gun, you’d be denied ownership.

  • Anti-antifa

    Poor, delusional lunch bucket Joe

  • T_W_S

    Biden is either so stupid and dense, or he thinks everyone else is, that his advice was to fire a couple of shotgun rounds in the air if somebody was threatening his wife. Is he really that naive? That man wears his ignorance like a halo, to quote Katherine Hepburn or Betty Davis. He wants somebody to go up against a guy with a semi-auto with God knows what! He’s a perfect spokesman for the Left.

  • VictorLandry

    Common sense and gun control is an oxymoron.

  • Vietvet1968

    When did this moron become an expert on what type of gun should be used to stop a killer? Biden is a liberal Democrat idiot who does not know his butt from his head!

    • Shelba J. Holmes

      Didn’t you kno9w? Left wingers are experts on everything – or so they think. All of which proves that they are experts on nothing.

      • Fred_K

        Not only are they experts on nothing, They have not learned how to make a reasonable decision on anything.

      • Al

        Beware when they use the term “common sense” ‘cuz you know it isn’t going to be.

    • John Lowder

      On Biden…there would be no difference between the two!!

  • Donald Donovan

    This just goes to show you what a president this moron would make, He doesn’t have the brains He was born with.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Geri Dannels

    Biden the man who stopped the gunman in Texas church shooting used a shotgun you are slipping a bit. You want to run for President in 2020?? You better get on the ball.

    • Shelba J. Holmes

      Joe Biden has been slipping for 35 years that I an aware of. He has never been very bright and he sure as heck isn’t going to get brighter now.

      • Geri Dannels

        I can’t believe he wants to run for President in 2020. That would be a big waste of time and money. Would you consider voting for him anyone

    • Hillary the Cankled Liar


  • leslie bloom jr

    can we asked if Joe Biden owns any guns

    • G. W.

      Creepy Joe is an elite, need I say more.

      • Shelba J. Holmes

        No. That pretty much said it all.

  • Gary

    Pervert Creepy Joe shouldn’t have an armed security detail.

    • G. W.

      Actually the M-16 is a military version of the AR-15 as it was on the market several years before the M-16 was developed for the military.

      • Gary

        You are correct. My wording could have been better. “Military”, “Auto”, & “Semi-Auto” differences in terminology is my point, along with Creepy Pervert Joe’s hypocrisy. The AR-15 is NOT, & never WAS an “assault rifle”. It never had the selective fire option legally available to the public.

  • James W Hymer

    this guy is a mental midgett

  • Raymond Miller

    No Joe, he should have stayed in his house so the whacko could find more unarmed victims to kill. He was a Democrat and it most likely upsets you and the rest of your idiot friends that someone took him out before he could kill more people.

  • Fred_K

    Joe needs to go to the next church that gets shot-up. Maybe it will be his, and it will be a gun free zone.

  • Farte’

    Uncle Joe seems to think he’s a weapons expert. Go back to your room Joe, we’ll call you if we need you.

    • Hillary the Cankled Liar

      I wouldn’t trust him to clean the White House toilets!

  • Paul Bengle

    Biden is another thief democrat who thinks people will cower down to his stupid talk. American patriots know that peace is a product of strength, not weakness. A bully will punch you in the nose every day and take everything you have until you stop them by force. The Texas shooter had to be stopped or he would have started shooting up every church he felt like. The man who shot him should run for sheriff.

  • Wiseoleman00

    Plugs Biden should just go away,nobody cares what this dumb senile old fart has to say!!

    • Al

      A lot of fools do listen to him.

      • Hillary the Cankled Liar

        They also watch NFL football, The View, House Wives of Orange County………………….

        • Al

          LOL So true friend.

  • vaquero711

    Please ,please Joe run in 2020! We do need an idiot like you to run against the Trump.

  • Maxine Albritton

    biden for president, no way. I am glad the guy who shot the texas shooter had an AR 15 and not a pea shooter. He did the job very well with it. The reason the left want to take our guns away is to leave us defenseless. No thanks.

  • Robert inguaggiato

    The reason for his comments is that they can’t put all the blame on an AR 15 now because an AR15 was also used to neutralize the shooter. Puts a kink in the leftist narrative that the AR is only used for mass killings with absolutely no other purpose so they could try to ban them.

  • Roy Veteto

    big words from someone who has his own armed security – at tax payer expense

  • Kevin Soravilla


    • Hillary the Cankled Liar

      Wrong, just a typical libTURD, gun grabbing slob!

  • Kevin Nicolay

    Why don’t you just go away Biden and shut up like a vice president and a congressman you were you were absolutely useless you would have probably just lay there and bleed and not tried to do anything to help others that were falling around you so shut up you scum

  • MajorMajor411

    Joe Biden should have kept his hands off a Secret Service Agent’s girlfriend’s boobs….but I digress.

  • Kevin Nicolay

    And also I am so tired of Monday Morning Quarterbacks like you and all of the bozos in the Senate and the House of Representatives that would lay down and let our enemies take us over! So go away and enjoy your retirement that you are well over paid

  • Cliona

    Come and take it – if you dare! Fortunately, my nephew takes me to the shooting range every other weekend and he is an expert. NRA FOREVER>

  • Teresa Barrett

    Biden is setting himself up for a run at 2020 presidential election – count on it! He was set aside for Hilldabeast to “win” in 2016, but since that didn’t happen(Thank God!) He wants it bad! Biden is a CREEP who can’t keep his hands off anything with a vagina! Watch his cringeworthy videos man handling every female in sight. I had to take a shower afterwards! I’ll bet he has a few sexual allegations in his closet!!

  • Gregg Parker

    Biden: He shouldn’t have had an AR15, he should have had tiny [email protected]… I mean a tiny bottom.. er y0ung children… wait! I mean some other kind of fire arm…. with a rvbber of course… Do you have any k!ds? Would you like to come over for a c#ck tale? Bring your k!ds…..

  • Hillary the Cankled Liar

    LMAO! This isn’t the stupidest thing that ol’ Jo Jo has said or done! He was better protection for our “First Affirmative Action” President than the Secret Service.

  • Peter J

    Biden’s advice on protecting your home says it all:

    “Get a double-barreled shotgun.” He then elaborated “Have the shells ready. And I promise you…as I told my wife…we live in an area that’s in the woods and somewhat secluded. I said, ‘Jill, if there’s ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony , walk out and take that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. I promise you whoever is coming in…You don’t need an AR-15. It’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use and in fact, you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself. Buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun.”

    Good old Uncle Joe…

  • Al

    Ole Joe isn’t much on “Free Enterprise” either. Then Sen. Biden stated ” There are more gun shops than there are McDonalds “. Between the likes of him and pres. Clinton I didn’t have enough capital to renew my FFL and invest in their new requirements. I could have had a gun shop if not for them.

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    Trying to keep guns out of the hands of mentally disturbed people is a worthy goal; trying to keep them out of everybody’s hands would be detrimental to the whole society.

  • Randy Nielson

    The hero should have run out on the porch and blasted a few shots from a shotgun, then went back in the house with no worries.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    It is a good thing we don’t regret that crazy old joe is not the President.

  • Db

    Biden doesn’t know what he is saying, to bad his kid died and not this creepy looking child molester! 💩

  • DollyT

    The type of gun the shooter had is irrelevant. the manner in which he used certainly does matter.

  • Jmanjo

    Biden should not have been a senator or a vice president..just a dirty old man that can’t keep his damn hands to himself! Swimming in the nude when his wife was away in front of female Secret service agents!

  • Louie Rey

    Sure Joe, we should have had a couple other dozen people killed or maimed because of your Left wingnut approach. I suppose you’d have preferred that this hero, instead of shooting and disabling the monster that perpetrated this heinous crime, instead wave a copy of the latest gun control law that you probably would have approved. Yeah, that’ll stop that guy. And each and every other gun toting criminal. Exactly how far up your butt is your head?

  • ardvietvet

    WINGNUT…..Fire warning shots off your deck…

  • Cissy Nobbe

    Sure would like to see Biden’s proof that he saved tens of thousands of lives because of his now expired gun law. Surely , he does not understand that the poor business man is going to sell whatever gun he can in order to cover his daily overhead. But the poor Joe is just so rich from his Obama era political financial gains, that he has forgotten what it’s like to live day to day! No law can prevent, & few people are sensitive enough to discern a mentally ill person, unless very ill. How outrageously does this ego maniac go! Our hero was not carrying a gun on him when his daughter warned him of gunfire. He got his “dangerous gun” & went in just pursuit of a murderer & prevented Further murder! Mr Biden is typical liberal pointing his fingers in the wrong direction in order to confuse the real truth! However, this time he pulled a fast trap door for his own self. A hero is a hero, mr. Biden, but there is absolutely no common ground between you& him, for you hang out with murderers yourself. And I often wonder if your 1rst wife’s “accident” has ever been investigated, for I have always suspected foul play, now even more.

  • YES

    Right creepy Joe, he should have had a double barrel shotgun and fired it in the air.